Black Diamond Consultants | Engineering Design

Engineering Design

  • In-House and Staff Augmentation Design / Drafting

  • Engineering Evaluations and Design Change Packages

  • Independent Engineering Reviews

  • Structural, Civil, Radiological, and Systems Engineering

  • In-House and Staff Augmentation Engineering

  • Electrical, Communications, and I&C Engineering

  • Large Component Removal Consultation

  • Large Scale & Explosive Demolition Evaluations

  • Licensing & Compliance Engineering ØEngineering Audit Services

  • 10CFR50.59 and 10CFR72.48 Evaluations

  • Appendix B Compliant Quality Assurance Program

Providing Unequaled Engineering, Technical, Managerial, and Security Services Nationwide

 High levels of noise can result in permanent hearing loss for workers

Protect your ears by using proper

earplugs when at job sites where

heavy machinery is active, etc.